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Yoga Conditioning Yoga Conditioning (73 minutes)Brian M. Davis

Brian M. Davis takes us through a vigorous conditioning yoga class. The Pranayama is in a floating table position. The flows focus on core strengthening and hip mobility.

Dynamic 4
Dynamic Level: 4
Difficulty Level: 4


Progressions to Expressions Progressions to Expressions - Visvamitrasana (74 minutes)Chris Loebsack

This class offers many options that build up to a pinnacle pose. Today, the pinnacle pose is visvamitrasana. Chris builds up strength and mobility by opening up the inner thighs, working on arm strength and standing balance. Originally aired on Facebook Live on March 26th.

Dynamic Level: 1
Difficulty Level: 4


Beginners Plus [Free] Beginners Plus (60 minute)Chris Loebsack

Chris Loebsack takes us through a a 60 minutes sequence that stays close to the ground. Starting on our backs, We transition to a few seated poses using props to find comfort and depth and then returning to a supine position for the last few poses. Originally aired on Facebook Live on March 26th.

Spirited Align & Flow Spirited Align & Flow (75 minute)Chris Loebsack

This class flow, with an emphasis on alignment. Throughout the class there is a focus on side-body and back-body strengthening and a few handstand jumps thrown in for good measure.

dynamic 4
Dynamic Level: 4
difficulty 3
Difficulty Level: 3



Progressions to Expressions Progressions to Expressions - Dancer Pose (71 minutes)Chris Loebsack

Progressions to Expressions are open to all skill levels; not everyone will be able to achieve the pinnacle pose. Chris leads through a sequence the culminates in dancer pose.

Dynamic Level: 2
Difficulty Level: 4


Align & Flow Align & Flow (51 minutes)Chris Loebsack

Level 1 Align & Flow that builds up to an optional crow pose.