Packages and Prices

We offer a few different packages. The right package for you will depend on what you are interested in, from asana to anatomy and from experience to education. Some of the content is still in the product phase and so the offerings and packages will grow.

Guest package (Free)

We will have a few classes available at no change. You are always welcome to stop by and try a class. There are many great classes in this package. These classes were first offered on Facebook Live and have been stored here.

Subscription Package

These classes are a higher quality, from a planning, style and production perspective. With this package you will have access to all of the premium subscription classes and you will be able to save the ones that you like in your own personal lists of favorites so that you can go back and enjoy it again or explore some new content that you would not otherwise try. We have a few different options.

Click on option for details and to purchase:

One month access - $19.95

Monthly Subscription - $14.95 per month

Yearly subscription - $149.50 per year

Specialty Packages

These packages contain specialty content such as lecture series, teacher's content and specific training topics. These packages are priced individually based on the length and breadth of the topic and content. Check the individual posts to determine the price

If you have any questions about the different pricing or packages, feel free to contact us so that we can help you.